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“I am here, rooted to my inner strength. I am here, supported by the universe.”

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, “I am here, rooted to my inner strength. I am here, supported by the universe.”

I am happy you are here for this grounding visualisation meditation. Before we start, let me remind you that we are all individuals and that anything you create, visualize, imagine and see in your mind’s eye has its own power, its own eligibility, and we should not judge it, don’t regulate it at any time.

If I talk about a room, and you see a hut, let it be a hut. If I talk about silver stars, but yours are golden, let it be golden. Whatever comes up, just let it happen, let it be, there is no right or wrong, each meditation is a very personal journey.

Be barefoot and find a place where you can stand and have an arm’s length into all directions. Once you found your spot, relax, close your eyes and breathe normally. Put your attention to your feet and put them hip-wide apart, move them until you find the most comfortable distance apart. Let your attention travel upwards to your hips, let them slowly but consciously circle until you feel they are in its right position. Continue upwards, straighten your spine, bring your shoulder blades a little closer, allow your chest to stretch forward.

Now slowly roll your shoulders up to your ears and then to the back and down. Repeat it once more, roll them up to the ears and down to your back. Slowly rolling up to the ears and rolling down to the back.

Turn your head slowly to your left shoulder, not creating any hurt or uneasiness, and turn it slowly all the way to your right shoulder. Once more to the left and to the right and one last time to the left, to the right, coming back to the front.

Put your attention to your jaw and facial muscles and give yourself a moment to release any tension, to loosen these muscles and your jaw.

Leave your eyes closed, inhale deeply and on the count of three, exhale through your nose, long and purposefully. 1-2-3, exhale everything out though your nose.

Now through your nose, inhale first into your lower belly, let the breath rise up slowly to your chest and then let the breath continue to your throat, hold your breath, try to take in a little more air, and with a long sigh, from your throat to your belly, let it all out. We will do this two more times. Take a deep and full breath in, into your belly, all the way up into your chest, into your throat, feel all your body expanding and hold it. Now, on the count of three, let go of any tension you might feel. 1-2-3, breathe out with a sigh and let it all go. One more time, slowly, deeply, purposefully and to the count of ten. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. Hold it and imagine how you are expanding and opening. Hold it. Hold it. And now let it all out. Breathe normally. Become aware of your feet again, raise, spread and lower your toes, move your feet just a little, move them slowly, become aware of the surface, the feel, the temperature. Stand on your toes, unroll, give yourself over. Slow your movements down until you become still again.

In your mind’s eye, imagine you are standing in a white room, in the very middle of your room. It is your safe space, no other than you can come here, it is the place you go to when you want to reconnect to self.

You are standing here, fully aware of yourself, holding the intention: “I am here, rooted to my inner strength. I am here, supported by the universe. I am here, I am safe.”

And with this, imagine how the sole of your feet lighten with millions of white and silver fine dust like stars and how they effortlessly enter the ground below you, forming a stream of light that goes deeper and deeper into the earth. Deeper and deeper.

This is you; this is your energy. Now imagine the centre of the earth with a disk that shines brightly. You know that this disk was and will always be there, as it holds all life force for all and everything to exist on this earth. Like a magnet, this earth disk draws in your stream of light, waiting for the two of you to connect strongly. The moment of connection, is the moment the forces are joined, is the moment the earth is sending its life force light back up your stream of light. And it travels back up in speed, reaching the sole of your feet and entering your feet like a pool of moving stars. The light continues to fill up your body and at any place it feels resistance or sees darkness, it pushes through and dissolves these entirely. Don’t rush through, take all the time you need, let the light enter every cell of your body, let it travel up and fill your body. Let the light enter every cell of your body, allow it to travel up and to fill your body. Allow it to bring you vitality and strength, allow it to fill you with confidence, abundance, growth and love. Vitality, strength, confidence, abundance, growth, love.

Now imagine how the crown of your head lightens and all within you, your energy and the energy of the earth forms a stream of light going up and up into the sky, through the clouds, up and up into the blue and the seemingly infiniteness of the universe. You stand tall and strong, awaiting to connect to the last energy source. And with that, the stream comes back into your site, carrying a new universal light. It travels fast and enters your body through your crown, and then you feel it – You feel the sensation of these three energies uniting like waves melding like passionate lovers, forming a whole, becoming one.

And you lay your head back into your neck, pull your shoulders back and raise your chest. You reach out your arms to your sides, stretch your fingers, you want to embrace and give yourself over to the waves and the tingling sensations in your body for being filled with energy. Deeply breathe in through your nose, hold and breathe out through your nose. Deeply breathe in through your nose, hold and breathe out through your nose. “I am here, rooted to my inner strength. I am here, supported by the universe. I am here, I am safe.”

Whenever you are ready, open your eyes.

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, “I am here, rooted to my inner strength. I am here, supported by the universe.”

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