The last 2020 and the first 2021 dates released and open for booking!

Don’t miss your opportunity on an exclusive two days one-on-one session at your living or working space and for up to five members of your household or enterprise.


Book your worldwide remote session now, we just released additional session dates for 2020 and 2021!

A transformation initiated by evaluating, balancing and harmonising energetic centres and environmental stress occurrences within your space, and you as a person.


Our new times for having a personal chat via the phone are now set up, conveniently covering a broad range of time zones from America, over Europe to Australia.

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Coming in as of Mai, our first tools for 2020 will be all about “Space”, the space we live and work in, the space in which we can and shall just be ourselves.

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The Abode, a very personal and unscripted glimpse into spaces, energy and stories. We will open the doors to the public for joining The Abode the first time for the months of May and June 2020 and afterwards by invitation to our Crony & Lore community only.

Be featured, become part of our community and get a free remote session with Crony & Lore’s founder Radhika. 

Radhika Malhotra, Founder

“With Crony & Lore we are creating high vibrational living and working spaces for you to step into your full potential and evolve on your own terms.”

At Crony & Lore we believe that all is energy, a vibration, and we all influence and respond to vibration at all times and places. To support you and your business in its potential, we trace the cause of vibrational imbalances, so called geopathic and technopathic stress, within living and work environments.

With personalized remote and exclusive one-on-one sessions, we recreate independency, a vibrational state that is intentional and sets your desires in motion. In addition, we provide tools for you to regain clarity and power by reactivating your intuition and evolving on your own terms.

Radhika graduated with a master in design and focused over fifteen years as an entrepreneur on private projects as well as commercial and business consultancy in Europe, Africa and Asia.  At the same time, she underwent additional training in interior design, Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, psychic and intuitive development, earth alchemy and space clearing.

Crony & Lore is making Radhika’s extensive artistic, business, commercial and spiritual education and worldwide experience accessible to a multitude of people and in a variety of service and product offers.

One-On-One Session

Exclusively held in Mumbai, London and Berlin only – Two days of one-on-one sessions at your living or working space and for up to five members of your household or enterprise.

Together, we clear and balance your energetic space, reactivate your intuition and introduce you to a conscious intention setting.

Remote Session

Our remote session is bookable worldwide and beneficial to all people of one household or working place.

We evaluate, clear and harmonise energetic centers and environmental stress occurrences within your living or working space and provide you with your personalised workbook, which includes recommendations on personal practices and tools for keeping the balance.

„I can definitely recommend Radhika, no doubt. I didn’t know what to expect, since I’m quite pragmatic and practical, but the results overwhelmed me.”

Testimonial, Martina and family, Slovakia

Remote, Worldwide: 

07/2020 to 02/2021

Mumbai, India: 


Berlin, Germany:


London, England:



No worries, we are here to help, simply book a free call to get all your questions answered.

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“Radhika didn’t initiate a shift, but a complete turnaround and we cannot express how deeply grateful we are.”

Testimonial, Heike & Ronald, Germany


With combining the properties of the crystals Rose Quartz and Chrysoprase, we feel healed, in balance, are attracting love and are filled with love for ourselves and those around us.


Scented, hand poured and energised in Berlin.



New Beginnings

We are combining the properties of the crystals Smoky Quartz and Rhyolite, allowing us to let go of what no longer serves us and at the same time being filled with joy and positivity while embarking on our new endeavour.

Scented, hand poured and energised in Berlin.



Vouchers. From the Heart.

Knowing you can and are enriching the life of somebody you care about, is a true blessing given und certainly much appreciated.

Chose between different amounts and if wished, send it conveniently as an e-voucher. 



“There are so many wonderful people out there, who don’t shy away from consciousness and responsibility, but understand it as a chance of creating something really grand for themselves, for their family and friends, for all of us.

It is my honour to walk beside them for some time and to make my contribution to their vision.”

Radhika, Crony & Lore Founder


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