Crony + Lore by Radhika Malhotra

We create the space for urban creatives, changemakers or just beautiful souls to live and lead an authentic and purposeful life, simply because their vision matters.

Contemporary, sustainable and holistic – We trace and harmonize the cause of energetic, vibrational, imbalances within spaces, give you the regained freedom to reconnect to your intuition and provide the tools for setting and putting the intentions in motion which truly reflect your authentic truth. We believe in empowering spaces and empowering you, creating a positive and lasting change within your community.

Empowering Spaces Liberating People, Home
Empowering Spaces Liberating People, Home

1x selfcare + 1x love!

Don’t miss our biggest annual giveaway: Book your own session and gift one to somebody you care about, their charge is on us! Our giveaway expires on the 31st of January 2021: 








Empowering Spaces Liberating People, Home
Empowering Spaces Liberating People, Home

Remote clearing session + giveaway

Ready to claim your healthy independence and step into your true potential?

Book your remote session today, a unique holistic session allowing a beneficial energetic shift within your space, you and the people surrounding you.

All sessions booked until the 31st of January 2021, will include an additional session to be gifted to any person you name.

We want you to be inspired…

to find the unique and authentic beauty in yourself, your home, the every day world you live in.

Our prints come in sets, containing of one fine-art-print, as well as the related colour board print. And while the art-print enriches your personal gallery, use your colour board fully flexible: hang it up to get inspired every day; cut and create your own colour guide to accompany you on your shopping and home-improvement trips; use it for vision and mood boards to set the right tone to your creative expression.

Empowering Spaces Liberating People, Home

One-on-one clearing and intuition session

Ready to live a fully empowered and authentic life?

Available exclusively in Berlin, London and Mumbai, your one-on-one session includes a full on-site energetic survey, clearing and balancing, and training on how to create energetic spaces and boundaries, at the same time. Furthermore, your session will allow you to reactivate your intuition and introduce you to a conscious intention setting.

The next 2021 session availability for Berlin is in July, for Mumbai in September and London in November. The full one-on-one session’s details will be release beginning of the year.

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Let’s cooperate and share

Consciousness raising talks and editorial on energy, personal development and company culture, as well as joint product development for holistic support.

We curate mindful presentations and experiences; we create empowering tools and write transformative editorial. Love to hear what you have in mind!

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Empowering Spaces Liberating People, Home 
Empowering Spaces Liberating People, Home
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Empowering Spaces Liberating People, Home

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