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A soul retrieval that shifted my every day life entirely

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, A soul retrieval that shifted my every day life entirely

A few years back I was in London for a lecture on soul retrieval. It is believed that when we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence separates from us in order to survive this traumatic experience, leaving us with a feeling of incompleteness and disconnection. Through a process of acknowledgement and healing it is believed that the lost part of the soul can be retrieved, allowing the person to not only overcome the trauma itself, but to overcome all long-term effects the loss has caused.

Part of the lecture was to return to our personal timeline to identify traumas we have experienced throughout life. Surprising and shocking was the realization that I was holding numerous traumas from experiences I had long forgotten as they were seemingly too “small”, not profound enough to have counted as a traumatic experience by my understanding that time.

But they were there, the arguments, the betrayals, the dismissals, the words, the looks, the silence, a few caused by my private life, many caused within the corporate world, many I remembered to have dismissed as “common”, simply being part of that business that had to be tolerated, it’s tone, handling and overall attitude.

This lecture, this experience, this realization has created such a lasting awareness within me, shifting my perspective on me and us and every day life entirely. All our thoughts and actions affect others, either directly in that very moment, or later, as an energetic imprint in our offices, homes, public places. We cause, and we leave behind, and only awareness can help us to create a lasting change within us, the people around us and our direct environment.

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, A soul retrieval that shifted my every day life entirely

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