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Why I am grateful for returning to the basics

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It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new venture or project, a relationship, friendship or parenthood, taking a loan or making an investment, going on an educational or travelling journey – In the moment of contentedness and clarity, without judgement, but with sincerity and integrity, take a sheet of paper and write down who you are. Write down what you believe in, what you learned, write down what you want to feel and hear and taste and smell. The touch you want to experience, the milestones you want to reach, the dream you want to live. And with all certainty, there will come the day, that you will have to take out this sheet of paper, to find the answer to the question you will have, the decision you will have to take.”

I have been there, I needed to take out this one sheet of paper more than once and more than once I understood the importance of a strong foundation. Whatever you do, wherever you are, there will be challenges.

The external expectations, the multitude of choices, economic, political, health and social changes and challenges. I personally remember the moment I started to listen to other people’s aspirations, their voices becoming louder, the moment I soaked up all possible choices, creating my own drowning pool, leaving me feeling paralysed.

The moment I was susceptive or receptive to all this, was the moment I was the weakest, was the moment I lost sight of myself.

I can have all, be whoever and do whatever I wish, if I have an unalterable foundation that will keep me safe and standing, whatever might occur. And this is the same I wish for you, this is what I want to support you in – A strong foundation, appreciation of your abilities, celebrating achievements as a confirmation on who you are.

I am happy to share with you the return to basics, to build newly or reshape foundations, to allow new perspectives or to just be reminded and always to enjoy.

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, Why I am grateful for returning to basics

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