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Living your unique you without being constantly challenged

Energy + People

It’s the feeling of being uplifted, nurtured, energised, that lets us ride the wave, enjoying the sight, carefree on the high. But it is when nervousness takes over, when we are drained, shattered, when we are trying to catch this last thought of clarity, hoping it will catapult us right out of this darkness, that we become aware of what it means to hand our energy over. Energy sovereignty – It sounds fancy, like a light warrior’s flattering shawl you casually drape over your shoulder. And indeed it does attract the looks, because being independent, being self-contained allows you to step out of the reaction mode and into the being mode.

We work so hard to find our unique expression, our voice, our look, our spirit, our knowledge and wisdom, all these and so much more which are part of our energetic state. At the same time, we are challenged almost daily – Our voice that is not heard, cut off during a conversation or argument; our reflection threatened by inflicted trends and expectations; our spirit getting lost in relationships, life circumstances, in the fast-paced and loud days; our knowledge and wisdom that is fiercely pushed aside in the ego driven power play of others. And then there are the moments we can freely express ourselves without any judgement, where the flow carries us through our days, where we are curiously and passionately opening up to the unknown, where we experience connection deeply, where we are seen, nurtured and uplifted in our entire being.

We are in constant energetic interaction with people and places, and we need to reclaim the power within to face this everyday challenge.

All is energy, a vibration, and we all influence and respond to vibration at all times and places. Especially when living in an urban environment, we experience a daily energetic ebb and flow through the numerous interactions we have with people and places. Picking up our coffee, riding the underground, being at work, getting lunch, passing sites of importance, doing our shopping, heading home. Most of these energetic interactions are fleeting without us even really recognising, but they are there, and they do influence us, as we influence them.

I remember people and places in my life that truly challenged me energetically and often left me in a state of fog, something foreign muffling me, covering my inner voice, that over a longer period, is easy to adapt or interpret as a state of normal. The loss of self being normal, surrendering to somebody or something, what an unsettling sight. And it was then, when there seemed to be only a little left of myself, that recognition kicked in, and I started to fight my way out. But this didn’t go all smooth, there was a lot of anger, fear, sadness and grief.

These days, it seems we are easy at judging, lashing out, being harsh to others and ourselves. We drop people, drop places, drop ventures and projects, because we feel they are not suiting us energetically, they are leaving us in a state of all we do not want to be. And without doubt, there are people and places we shall walk away from, because they will not just lower our energy, but shatter and deplete it all together. But there are also people and places in which we need to hold our ego-driven-self at bay and remember that compassion goes a far way. The place you recently moved which you cherish, but holds areas that feel off; the childhood friend who you love dearly, but seems to have a long phase of gossiping and bitching about others, giving you with a blurry headache; the project with a good cause that seems to walk from one hurdle into the next, leaving you tired and frustrated. And then there is us. The body that doesn’t look and do what we want it to; our emotions heightened by a recent event, lowered by the past we carry; the mind that seems to be either all over the place or not in place at all; our spirituality and self-development that flows effortlessly and then stutters, by us pushing too hard.

Compassion and the love for self is the first and most important tool you need to live your unique you.

If we can show compassion and love for ourselves, become aware and acknowledge our energetic states, we are able to create an immediate shift within. This love for self, this higher vibration, will give us trust in ourselves, will build our confidence and view on the world. It will not change our daily need to interact with the energy of people and places, and which is not the purpose of it, but it will change the way it affects us and the way we react.

There are many other ways to protect your energy, from using words of power and encouragement, to visualising a protection, knowing and trusting ourselves, being mindful in our response, energetically cleansing and grounding ourselves, but most of all, it is compassion that holds the qualities to create profound change.

We all deserve to live our unique selves, because we know we have something beautiful to give to the world. If you are ready to step into the being mode, if you are walking this path already, share it, remind people of the power of compassion and love.

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, Living your unique you without being constantly challenged

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