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The world is shifting rapidly, and it is more important than ever to take control over our space and our well-being, to evolve on our own terms and create the future we truly desire.

One session, shifting more than 50 energy occurrences, being fully flexible on the number of people and size of space per session, providing a personalised report and unique bonuses, supporting with a two-month aftercare and exclusive member’s rates.

Is this you?

  • Too often you feel stuck and uninspired, there is this lack in creativity, vitality and focus, you feel mentally worn down.

  • You don’t know what it is, but you trust your gut that something just doesn’t feel right in your living or working space.

  • A disturbed sleep, bad dreams, headaches and general tiredness seem to be your new normal.

  • You are tired of things not changing and wish you could simply break out of patterns limiting you.

  • Your mood swings are irrational, you are bad-tempered far too often and are even building up a negative nature.

  • You sense that things are in disharmony at home and you can’t get a grip on it

Step into a future with clarity, confidence and inner strength.

  • Perhaps you need support in selling your house or flat quickly, and at the same time want to make your new home your very own and clear the energy of past occupants and events held within.

  • Or maybe you wish to take the next step in life and enhance your wealth, relationships, or career.

You are ready to step towards a more fulfilling and thriving lifestyle and business but…

  • Even you have done the work, you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to go from there. And inside, you know that you’re not here to experience a mediocre life but know that healing and balancing will allow you to step away from being almost happy, almost satisfied, almost fulfilled.

You are here to have it all. And we want you to know that you can!

Step away from restrictive and low energy, heal and balance your home and workplace holistically and step into a more fulfilled life

We, you and everything around us is made of energy and has its own unique vibration, and we all influence and respond to energy at all times and places. And therefore, your space may either assist or hinder you in living a healthy and independent life filled with potential.

Our space, the place we live and work at, accumulates the energy from the earth itself and from us, the people living there, the people entering, the people dying, the events taking place, the emotions being present. It holds that very charge in its walls and ceilings, its floors, furniture or any item, the same we hold an argument, stress and hate, but also love, joy and fulfilment within our energetic body.

Through psychic and intuitive development, earth alchemy and space clearing tools and techniques, we are able to access and explore the subtle energies of you and your home remotely.

We go beyond tradition space and energy cleanse, we want you to open up to a new level of a thriving lifestyle. Each reading involves the evaluation of more than 50 energetic occurrences and eight steps that will:

  • Heal and harmonize earth energies and stresses caused by by-products of our technological age

  • Remove harmful and limiting energy blockages, patterns and attachments affecting your space and you as a person

  • Connect and guide spirits and guardians for your overall well-being

  • Balance the chakras and allow them to vibrate equally throughout your space

  • Support in resolving psychic cords, karmic debt and fractured souls caused by trauma 

  • Redirect disharmonious energy flow and seal any energy leakage

  • Align you and your space to a higher vibration, and uplift the space with your very own intention

  • Protect and preserve the energy of the space

Lower energy forms will be cleared, higher energy form will be healed and balanced. You will begin to experience increased vitality, energetic alignment, a more effortless and expansive flow, clarity and new-found abundance.

  • There will be no more stagnant energy in your space

  • There will be no more restrictive or limiting energy dominating your space

  • You will no longer feel the energetic residue of past or present occupants

There is nothing more beautiful than to watch the ripple effect a shift in energy holds, and we therefore always include two people in each session, with you having the option to add as many people as your household or work place has. We can’t wait for you to spread your high vibe!

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Shifting energy, transforming lives

Radhika Malhotra, founder and spiritual creative 

I am holding my family ties in London, Mumbai and Berlin, where I am living today with my husband in one of the city’s creative areas. I graduated with a master in design and focused over fifteen years as an entrepreneur on private projects as well as commercial and business consultancy in Europe, Africa and Asia. With becaming a highly valuable asset in the corporate world and being able to achieve sustainable success, I found myself repeatedly in a position of being energetically challenged by people and places, and losing grip on my own values and visions. With a profound impact on all levels, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, I not only began my own journey of energy healing and embracing a more slow and intentional living, but also the return to my roots and additional training in interior design, Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, psychic and intuitive development, earth alchemy and space clearing. And with this, I have been able to build Crony + Lore as an authentic, spiritual and creative brand having the modern urbanist and nomad in mind.

With customers all around the world, my aim is to inspire and lead a movement, in which taking back our power and co-creating a sustainable and supporting environment for all of us becomes the  norm.

What is included

Here is what you get when you book your “Shifting Energy” session today

  1. An extensive survey, healing and harmonization of more than 50 energetic occurrences, such as spirits and attachments, earth energy lines and channels, psychic cords, spells, place memory and fractured souls, karmic problems and chakra alignment etc.

2. Healing and harmonization for at least two people, with you having the full flexibility to add as many people to your session, as your household or work place has.

3. A personalized PDF file on the session and energy work carried out for you and your space. This personalized file explains what these are, what are the findings, and will help you to develop a deeper feeling and knowing for your future.

4. Be in good hands with your two months free of charge aftercare, during which your space will be checked and, if necessary, additional layers remotely rebalanced.

5. An exclusive member’s code, allowing access to all future sessions, workshops and products at a special member’s rate.

6. Lifelong access to your client’s area in which we communicate securely and openly, exchange your survey and supportive files, as well as your exclusive session files.

And for you to connect with your space and yourself even deeper and thrive in new ways, you will get these bonuses in addition.

7. Three downloadable visualization meditations on being present, running a healthy and high vibrational energy, as well as stepping into your creative mode.

8. Three journal prompts on taking your personal inventory, defining your values and creating a daily supporting practice.

9. A guide on creating a beneficial energetic flow in your living and working space.

Don’t miss out – Radhika has only eight sessions available in May 2022

Book your “Shifting Energy” session for two people at a one-time payment of 333 EUR* or three monthly instalments of only 120 EUR* today. Add each additional person at a rate of 55 EUR* only, enjoy more payment plan options if wished, and let this amazing shift begin!

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