The Abode

A contemporary, personal and unscripted glimpse into people’s life and stories, their spaces and energy.

Everything that we do and create at Crony & Lore is done with the understanding that all is energy and each one of us influences and responds to this vibration at all times and places.

Working with people, working with spaces, looking back, we are so grateful for creatives and entrepreneurs who visually brought back the people into spaces, telling their stories – The blog The Shelby, of course Freunde von Freunden, or the Spanish interior magazine Apartmento. These were just a few who stepped away from anonymous spaces and found their own concepts, interpretation and communication on life and living.

We were inspired and wanted to convert it into Crony & Lore words and visuals, allowing a very personal, unscripted and vibrational glimpse into people’s life and spaces.

And with this, we created The Abode, which is simply asking: “Will you show me how you feel?”


And with that, we are taken on a tour through your living or working space, and we learn about your perception and experience on the vibrational influence and response with your energetic space, it’s objects, your friends, partners, family or co-workers. The Abode is about your own words, your own pictures, personal and unscripted, you allowing us to energetically feel you and your space.

Together with you, we create a contemporary and insightful collection of people and houses, spread the consciousness on the vibrational influence our direct environment has on us, and we on it, and how raising this awareness might impact our view on our greater environment.

Let’s do this together

Each time The Abode opens its doors for new application submission, the invitation will go exclusively to our Crony & Lore community first. With you we want to collectively contribute, share, make an impact for the further growth of all of us. We therefore have decided to not only curate this project, but Radhika will hold a free remote sessions with everybody who will be featured on The Abode. During this session, she will be evaluating, balancing and harmonising any energetic centres and geopathic and technopathic stress occurrences within your living and working space. This session is of course fully confidential and will not be published as part of your feature, unless you wish otherwise.

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Radhika, Berlin

“This apartment always treated me well, this apartment always stood by me and held whatever I needed at that time.”

Radhika, founder of Crony & Lore, about living in her open space backyard apartment in Berlin’s former working-class district Friedrichshain. 

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