The Abode application

We are excited for you to share your space with us!

We are happy to open the doors for The Abode’s application submission and you can find the submission form conveniently at the bottom of this page.

There are 20 questions, general ones, about your place and the building, as well as your sense about it. All questions shall be answered in English and whatever you write, you need to feel comfortable with your words, and we can only recommend you to not overthink them too much.

We will ask you to upload 15 pictures and maybe you want to add a brief video or a drawing, this is totally up to you. As for a video, please send it to us in a .mp4 or .mov format and pictures in a .jpg or .jpeg format which are at least 2,000 pixels wide, this gives us more flexibility in implementing them. If vertical or horizontal format, squares, do as you feel.

What is important to us is that you do not stage your place, this is not about looks, names or prestige. Show us your realness, your vibe, you inviting an old friend over for a cup of tea which turns later into a long night with some glasses of wine. Radhika found herself being much more at ease while allowing the camera on her phone to simply “accompany” her over a few days instead being the centre of attention. See how it works the best for you.

We have created you this booklet with all necessary details and an overview on the questions, in case you want to have a look already.


The Abode is not a competition, it is not a place for people to distinguis themselves, neither to judge others. The selection on whom we will feature is done based on the vibe you are sending us on yourself and your space, your honesty and openness on sharing with all of us.

Each time The Abode opens its doors for new application submission, the invitation will go exclusively to our Crony & Lore community first. With you we want to collectively contribute, share, make an impact for the further growth of all of us. Subscribe and become part of our community – We love your vibes, join The Abode!

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