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Large Crystal Infused, Scented and Handmade Candle “Love”

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Pre-order from our new batch in the making - Your candles will be shipped to you on the 17th of July 2020!

There is no doubt, love is in the air when burning our crystal infused, energised and hand poured candle. With combining the properties of Rose Quartz and Chrysoprase, we feel healed, in balance, are attracting love and are filled with love for ourselves and those around us.

All our gemstones are of high grade and ethically sourced, while our Rose Quartz comes from Namibia and our Chrysoprase from Australia. We have energized each stone placed within our candles and created special mantras for you to have an additional tool to connect yourself to the the individual qualities of each stone and to raise your vibration.

“Love” is infused with the stunning rich and warm fragrance of Damask Rose, Smoky Oud wood with a hint of praline and supported in a unique blend of natural rapeseed and soybean oils, developed in the UK and manufactured under license by British Wax. Your candle will burn for about 40 hours, leaving you with your own crystals, perfect in size to carry with you. Together with the card we are adding to each candle, you will know about the properties of each crystal, how to care for them, the mantras which will join you throughout your day and the support on how to set your intention.

This is a wonderful candle to light alone during selfcare, meditations or rituals, but also perfect to share with your partner or light during your time spend with family and friends.

*We are proud to be a company with strong social, moral and ethical values and to create handmade products, that may vary in shape, colour and size, but never in the love we put inside.

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