One-On-One Session

Two days of one-on-one sessions at your living or working space and for up to five members of your household or enterprise.

Together, we clear and balance your energetic space, reactivate your intuition and introduce you to a conscious intention setting.

What it is about

Our living and working spaces are both, carriers of energetic events and an extension of ourselves.

Now image, sound proofing, emptying, wiping the entire space clean and giving it a solid coat – You are creating a space that allows you to hear and listen to yourself again, to walk freely, to consciously invite who you want to be present, a space holding what you authentically desire.

One-On-One Session:
Radhika’s Preparation for Day 1 (2,5h)

  • Interpretation of your questionnaire and space layout.

  • Evaluating at which level each chakra is vibrating in your space.

  • Energetic survey on geopathic and technopathic stress and other possible disturbances.

One-On-One Session:
Our 1st Day Together (5h)

  • Getting to know each other.

  • Gifting you with a crystal specially chosen for you, as well as the Crony & Lore work- and handbook, outlining all aspects of the one-on-one sessions and space for your own notes.

  • Walking through your premises to go through the findings of the survey

  • Explaining the all-over positive impact, a stress-free environment has.

  • Teaching grounding meditation, cleansing and protection of our own energetic field.

  • Showing different techniques to sense space and objects and positively influence these.

One-On-One Session:
Radhika’s Preparation for Day 2 (2h)

  • Balancing each chakra, allowing them to vibrate evenly throughout the entire space.

  • Healing and harmonizing energy and stress occurrences.

One-On-One Session:
Our 2nd Day Together (5h)

  • Performing the on-site space clearing with related tools.

  • Showing different techniques to reconnect to your intuition.

  • Showing different techniques on conscious intention setting.

  • Filling the space energetically with the intention you want your space to hold for you.

One-On-One Session:
Our Post Session Together (0,5h)

  • Half an hour personal follow up talk via phone.

For whom it is

There are various reasons this two-day one-on-one session might be suitable for you as creatives and entrepreneurs, for example:

  • you are experiencing hindering patterns and blockages in personal life or business;
  • other people’s voice being more loud than your own;
  • having to seemingly lost your gut-feeling;
  • instead of feeling purposefully guided, you feel rather externally controlled;
  • having just made a profound experience or private or commercial shift;
  • your home or office premises feeling out of tune and non-supportive;
  • you are intending to sell your premises or business;
  • you are feeling overwhelmed by the external offer on personal development, but understand that it is time to return to and rebuild a strong foundation;

If you feel like you are being called, but you still have questions or want a certain validation, just book in your free call and Radhika will personally talk it through with you.

Your priority

As the entire session is about your space and you as a person, you will have to make the decision what is your priority at present. Is it your private life? Then we will be working with you and your home, as well as another four people of your household, if wished. If your business is your priority, we will be working with you and your business premises, as well as another four people of your work team, if wished.

The time needed

This one-on-one session is a 15 hours session, but knowing that it is sometimes difficult to dedicate such time and at the same time stay focused and present, we divided the session into hours Radhika will be working alone on you and your premises and hours you will be working together on the individual subjects.

Practically, this means for you that you will start your sessions with Radhika on both days at 13:00 until 18:00. This gives Radhika enough time to prepare each session day and to travel to your place, at the same time, it gives you more flexibility in preparing your day, or the need to only take half a day off from work.   

The investment needed

The one-on-one sessions are bookable for Berlin, London and Mumbai only.

As members of the European Union, the session’s rate for London and Berlin is 1,160 EUR including 16% VAT (160 EUR)*. The session can either be paid in full at booking, alternatively you can choose payments in parts, namely 348 EUR (30%) at booking, followed by eight payments of 101,50 EUR, billed in two-weeks interval.

Sessions in Mumbai are tax exempt and are held at a rate of 975 Euro, either payable in full at booking, alternatively payable with the payment plan of 292,50 EUR (30%) down payment and eight payments of 85 EUR, billed in two-weeks interval.

This session applies to studios, apartments, houses, villas and small office spaces with up to five participants. For larger commercial and accommodation buildings, please contact us for an individual quotation.

Once the session is booked, we will contact you via Email with to send you an example layout we would require from your space, as well as a questionnaire we would kindly ask you to fill out to prepare for our one-on-one session.

*Companies holding a valid VAT number, and which are outside Germany, are tax exempt.



No worries, we are here to help, simply book a free call to get all your questions answered.

“There are so many wonderful people out there, who don’t shy away from consciousness and responsibility, but understand it as a chance of creating something really grand for themselves, for their family and friends, for all of us.

It is my honour to walk beside them for some time and to make my contribution to their vision.”


Radhika, Crony & Lore Founder

London, England

Next session availability is in May 2021 and booking dates will be released in February 2021.

London is not only where Radhika was born and spent her childhood, it is also the place she always kept on returning to. The place that is filled with tradition and new inspiration, the place she enjoys wandering and gaining clarity on ideas, projects and new ventures.


For London, we are glad to take bookings covering a large area, while your home or working space shall be reachable by the London Underground lines. 

We do not hold a waiting list, our sessions are always on a first come first served basis. With subscribing to our newsletter, you will always have priority on sessions, products and events. Join us now!


„I can definitely recommend Radhika, no doubt. I didn’t know what to expect, since I’m quite pragmatic and practical, but the results overwhelmed me.”

Testimonial, Martina and family, Slovakia

Berlin, Germany

Next session availability is in June 2021, with booking dates being released in March 2021.

If there is a place that means stability and vision and which Radhika would call home, then it is Berlin. Germany holds the roots from her mother’s side, here she spent most of her life, underwent her education, always operated with her company from Berlin.


We are happy to accept bookings for Berlin which are reachable by the suburban railway and underground of the zones A, B and C.

We do not hold a waiting list for our sessions, they are always on a first come first served basis. With subscribing to our newsletter, you will always have priority on sessions, products and events. Join us now!

“When we bought our house back in the 80’s, we weren’t aware of its history and to be honest, we were neither aware how much of our own emotional junk can be dumped on a house over four decades, nor how much low energy we as people are exposed to daily and are actually bringing home.

Radhika didn’t initiate a shift, but a complete turnaround and we cannot express how deeply grateful we are.”

Testimonial, Heike & Ronald, Germany

Mumbai, India

Next session availability for 2021 is in February 2021, with booking dates being released in December 2020.

India holds the roots from Radhika’s father’s side and certainly held, at different stages of her life, different meanings to her. Today she considers it as a place of reconnection and personal growth.

We are happy to accept bookings covering a large area of Mumbai, while your home or working space shall be reachable by the Mumbai Suburban Railway or Metro.

We do not hold a waiting list, our sessions are always on a first come first served basis. With subscribing to our newsletter, you will always have priority on sessions, products and events. Join us now!


Who is a creative?

The definition of who is a “creative” is surely very subjective. For us, a creative is somebody who puts together different elements to showcase a precise topic, but also somebody who puts together different elements to find a solution to a problem. Either or, the creative makes ideas tangible for us and being a creative, doesn’t necessarily mean being artistic.

Having said that, we enjoy working with a vast variety of people, from designers, to coders, to writers, to scientists, to musicians, to accountants, to carpenters, you name it.

Who is an entrepreneur?

For us, an entrepreneur is an individual who creates, starts and runs a new business, independent if it is commercially, socially and charitable based, and who, in addition, has the capacity and the willingness to make profit and take responsibility for losses as a direct result of the venture.

What if I am neither a creative, nor an entrepreneur, can I still book a session?

As we always say: “If you found your way here, there must be a reason for that.” Give us a call and let’s talk it through, for us is always the most important, that you will fully benefit from working with us!

What is Radhika’s background?

Radhika graduated with a master in design and focused over fifteen years as an entrepreneur on private projects as well as commercial consultancy in Europe, Africa and Asia.  At the same time, she underwent additional training in interior design, Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, psychic and intuitive development, earth alchemy and space clearing.

Crony & Lore is Radhika’s contemporary and holistic support, making her extensive education and worldwide experience accessible to a multitude of people and in a variety of service and product offers.

What are chakras?

The word Chakra is Sanskrit and translates to wheel and refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main energetic centres, seven chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of spine through to the crown of your head. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. 

Healthy chakras are an essential part of mind, body and spirit living in alignment. Since everything is moving, it is essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blocked chakra, energy cannot flow and at the same time, the other chakras go into overdrive to compensate. Leaving our chakras in imbalance over a longer period, will let us ultimately feel the negative effects.

Chakras are ultimately driven by our own energies; and since our home, office or commercial space is an extension of our self, they are also accurately represented within our space, we and the space being in constant interaction. And just like in our bodies, it is important for the chakras in our homes or workspaces to stay healthy, open and in balance.

What is geopathic and technopathic stress?

Geopathic stress describes naturally occurring earth energies and their effect on the well-being of humans and animals. Naturally occurring geopathic stress are for example underground streams or caverns, mineral depots such as iron, coal, oil and geological fault lines, which are fractures in Earth’s crust, pushing or pulling, causing rocks to slide up, down or past each other. Man-made structures causing geopathic stress are for example bridges, tunnels, mines, embankments, railways but also buried gas, electricity or water mains.

Technopathic stress is a by-product of our technological age in which we are exposed to radiation and electro-magnetic fields from our increased usage of pulsed radio-frequency fields, such as mobile phones and masts, smart meters, WI-FI networks and power-frequency fields, such as transformers, power lines or other electrical items.

Geo- and technopathic stress are no new phenomenon and scientific studies suggest that a prolonged exposure to both can affect the immune system and cause serious health problems.

Do I have to be a spiritual person to do the session?

It is not relevant if you are following certain religions, life concepts, are spiritual. Relevant for us is that you are open-minded, curious, maybe a little brave, that you are willing to make a change, create a shift.

Do I need any kind of special knowledge or experience on breath work, meditation, energetic or intuitive work?

You do not require any previous knowledge or experience on breath work, mediation or energetic work and as we see the intuitive work as a reactivation, we believe you have all inside you to rediscover your gift.

Do I need to buy anything special to do this session?

You do not need to buy anything special for the session, and we will bring your workbook which you can also use to make notes.

Are you doing ghosts?

We believe, everything is energy, and we are all on a journey here. We therefore believe also, that the energy of a person who has passed away may not continue its journey, but may stay here for different reasons. We call them spirits.

What if there is no architectural layout of my space?

By experience, we know that architectural layouts of premises are often not available, and this is nothing to worry about. We will send you different variations and examples of hand drawn layouts, which you can easily prepare for us on A4 paper and which will be fully sufficient to start the session.

What are the criteria under which the space layout is surveyed?

Your space layout is undergoing a survey of approximately forty individual points, from different energy forms, to geopathic and technopathic stress, chakras, emotional areas and place memories. The survey will show in which extend the space itself is affected and at the same time, in which extend the individual living or working in the space is affected.

What is inside the Crony & Lore box?

Inside our Crony & Lore box you will find your workbook, which is the summary and review of your questionnaire and layout, as well the session’s content, allowing you to make your own notes and use it as a reference book. In addition, we are happy to gift you with our specially created session candle, energized crystals and other helpful tools.

The session is for up to five members of my household or enterprise. Can I do the session also alone?

Yes, you can totally do the two-day one-on-one session alone with Radhika.

The course is for up to five members of my household or enterprise. Can I fill up the session with a friend or business partner?

Independent if we are working on your private or commercial space, anybody sharing that space with you, is contributing to that space, physically, mentally, emotionally, is contributing energetically.

In order to achieve the overall best outcome of the session, we always support having the main people joining the session. Practically, this means direct partners, family, relatives living with you, or on the business side, owners, directors, senior managers actively being present in your commercial space and being active in the business.

Having said that, we therefore, strongly recommend to not fill the session up with any temporary or outside people, like friends, Au-Pairs, freelancers etc.

Can I also have a session for more than five?

Yes, it is possible to have a session for a larger group. Please write us or give us a call, and we will be happy to talk through.

What about children participating in the session?

We are very happy for your children to join the session, while we do have individual recommendations for ages and the length they shall join.

For young children, let’s say of seven years old, we can have a dedicated hour when we introduce them to an easy breathing technique, a one-minute silence and daily positive intention setting from where they can grow together with you. Young children remain highly intuitive, therefore reminding them briefly on their senses, impressions and to communicate these openly, is often enough.

As older children get, as more involved they can be in the session, while the way you see it as parents is always more crucial than any of our general recommendations.

I really want to take the session, but the available dates don’t work for me, is there something you can do?

During some trips abroad, Radhika might be in the city for an extended period to work on other Crony & Lore projects and it therefore might be worth it to contact us in advance to see if available dates can be shifted.

The sessions start each day at 13:00, is this fixed, or can it be changed?

Before starting each day’s session, Radhika will always need a span of time to remotely work on you and your individual space. Nevertheless, if the starting time is an issue, don’t hesitate to talk with Radhika directly, she always found a solution, having a relaxed and fully present client at the session being her absolute priority.

Why is part of the session done remotely and part on-site?

Radhika understands the uniqueness of each of our clients and their living and working spaces. She therefore starts each day of the session with a deep meditation, tuning into the energy of the client and his space. Doing this remotely ensures that she can reach the most beneficial result, while working on the survey, clearing and balancing undisturbed and in full concentration.

How much time is there to invest after the two-day session?

It is our aim to create with you a new and strong foundation from which you can grow and develop. It is therefore also our responsibility to recommend you options how to implement this growth into your daily life, which might be 15 minutes per day or one hour. In the end it will always be up to you how much time you can and want to invest, while we always emphasis that it is not about measuring time, but about measuring the quality you invest.

When and how can I book my personal follow-up call?

Within your personal work- and reference book a unique code will be placed, giving you access to the booking system specifically for your follow-up call. We always recommend scheduling the follow-up call earliest three to four weeks after the session, as some effects are shown immediately and some after a longer period.

Shall the follow-up call be with everybody who was at the session?

It is always great to catch up with everybody who participated, but it is not necessary. Important is, that the person who will be on the call, can talk about the experiences, thoughts and impressions of the others as well.

What are the payment terms?

It is important for us to make sessions as accessible as possible to all different income groups. Therefore, we offer you to pay the amount of 1,160 EUR (including 19% VAT (185 EUR)) either with our payment plan of 292,50 EUR (30%) down payment and eight payments of 85 EUR, billed in two-weeks interval, or to pay it in full at booking.

Please note that cancelling the appointment with less than 30 days prior notice, will cause 50% of the session’s fee to be immediately due and non-refundable.

Any Other Questions?

No worries, we are here to help, simply book a free call to get all your questions answered.

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