“At Crony & Lore we truly believe in trust and a personal connection and yes, a direct and open communication is what we encourage and aspire at all times.”

Radhika, Crony & Lore Founder

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Covering now a broad range of time zones from America, over Europe to Australia, just choose the most convenient time for you to talk, fill in your details and once you are done, please check your Email for your confirmation. Radhika is looking forward talking to you in person!

“Our living and working spaces are both, carriers of energetic events and an extension of ourselves.

Now image, sound proofing, emptying, wiping the entire space clean and giving it a solid coat – You are creating a space that allows you to hear and listen to yourself again, to walk freely, to consciously invite who you want to be present, a space holding what you authentically desire.”


Radhika, Crony & Lore Founder

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