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Regenerate and revitalize your space for success!

I am the founder of Crony & Lore and am a Space Advisor specializing in vibrationally aligning space and people.

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Is this you?

Too often you feel stuck and uninspired, there is this lack in creativity, vitality and focus, you feel mentally worn down.

You don’t know what it is, but you trust your gut that something just doesn’t feel right in your living or working space.

A disturbed sleep, bad dreams, headaches and general tiredness seem to be your new normal.

You are tired of things not changing and wish you could simply break out of patterns limiting you.

Your mood swings are irrational, you are bad tempered far too often and are even building up a negative nature.

You sense that things are in disharmony at home and that especially the younger ones seem restless or even hyperactive.

Create a space that energetically holds and uplifts you for you to step into a future with clarity, confidence and inner strength

Perhaps you need support in selling your house or apartment quickly and at the same time want to make your new home your very own and clear the energy of past occupants and events held within.

Or maybe you wish to take the next step in life and enhance your wealth, relationships, or career.

You are ready to step towards a more fulfilling and thriving lifestyle and business but…

You have done the work but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to go from there. Plus, some of the strategies been thrown around feel inauthentic and draining.

And inside, you know that you’re not here to experience a mediocre life, that healing and balancing will allow you to step away from being almost happy, almost satisfied, almost fulfilled.

You are here to have it all.

And we want you to know that you can have it all

What if we told you there is something that you can do right away to purify your space of negative energy and start attracting all the better things of life?

What I’m about to show you changes lives and is GUARANTEED to send bad energy packing for good and invite positive energy into your home and office space.

And once you begin to apply this one thing, you’ll be able to ditch the struggles and blocks and heal your inside in order for you to reach your goals and upgrade to a life of true happiness, success, and freedom.

From your relationships and health, to your career and finances – as easily as apple pie.

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Worldwide spiritual readings

Eliminate Disruptive, Negative, And Intrusive Energies From Your Home Or Business For a More Successful, Vibrant, And Harmonious Living

We, you and everything around us is made of energy and has its own unique vibration, and we all influence and respond to energy at all times and places. 

Our space, the place we live and work at, accumulates the energy from the earth itself and from us, the people living there, the people entering, the people dying, the events taking place, the emotions being present. It holds that very charge in its walls and ceilings, its floors, furniture or any item, the same we hold an argument, stress and hate, but also love, joy and fulfilment within our energetic body.


With each one of us is facing and dealing with external energy occurrences on top of our own everyday, we may face short term and long terms emotional, mental, physical and spiritual effects on various levels. And as a result, your space may either assist or hinder you in living a healthy and independent life filled with potential.

Through psychic and intuitive development, earth alchemy and space clearing tools and techniques, I am able access and explore the subtle energies of you and your home or office remotely through my spiritual readings.

Each reading involves … steps that will:

Each session involves # steps that will:

  • Banish negative energy from your space
  • Align you to a higher vibration
  • Seal any energetic leakage
  • Uplift the aura of your space
  • Balance the elements of your space
  • Protect your space from negative disturbance
  • And bless your space with positive energy for positivity, abundance, and prosperity

The discordant energies affecting your space will be cleared.

  • There’ll be no more stagnancy in your life
  • There’ll be no more recurring problems
  • And you’ll no longer feel the energetic residue of past or present occupants.


Instead, you’ll begin to experience increased vitality, blessings, energetic alignment, protection, and finer higher vibrational energy for harmony, good luck, and a good flow of abundance.

In this spiritual reading, we go beyond traditional space cleansing, beyond a traditional energetic cleanse. For you to open up to a new level of a thriving lifestyle, we do not only cleanse, heal and harmonize the energy of your living or working space, but create a beneficial energetic shift within YOU as well…

Creating a holistic healing and harmonization, an overall high vibrational charge. At the same time, with creating an ideal energetic space and balance within self, we give room for successful and lasting mindset work for the ultimate up-leveling.

The cleanse does not only apply to one space, but one space (apartment, house, office etc.) + five members of the household/office.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s what people are saying about the e-book

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Spiritual Readings: January 2022

Ready to be empowered? We got you!

We are always opening all session bookings 12 weeks in advance. They are on a first-come-first-served base, and we do not hold a waiting list. To get priority access to all our offerings and products, simply subscribe to our newsletter!

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„I can definitely recommend Radhika, no doubt. I didn’t know what to expect, since I am quite pragmatic and practical, but the results overwhelmed me.“ Martina & Family, Testimonial, Slovakia

What is inside

In this spiritual reading we go beyond traditional space cleansing, beyond a traditional energetic cleanse

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Receive an extensive survey (personalized PDF file), healing and harmonization on earth energies (for example water veins, earth energy lines or energy spirals), human energy patterns (for example emotional energy areas or psychic cords) with particular focus on family lines, soul rescue, chakra alignments and blockages, technopathic stress (for example harmful frequencies), and spirits, attachments and guardians.

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Receive a recommendation on beneficial areas to sit, meditate and heal within your space.

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Receive some easy tools for everyday life, such as breathwork, meditation, visualisation and checklists, which help you to tune into your energy, clear it and keep a healthy balance at the same time.

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Get lifelong access to your client’s area in which we communicate securely and openly, exchange your survey and supportive files, as well as your exclusive session files.

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Be in good hands with your two months free of charge aftercare, during which your space will be checked and, if necessary, remotely rebalanced.

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Receive an exclusive member’s code, allowing access to all future readings, coaching, workshops and products at a special member’s rate.

, Readings

Receive some easy tools for everyday life, such as breathwork, meditation, visualisation and checklists, which help you to tune into your energy, clear it and keep a healthy balance at the same time.

, Readings

Get lifelong access to your client’s area in which we communicate securely and openly, exchange your survey and supportive files, as well as your exclusive session files.

Regenerate and revitalize your space for success!

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Impacting people, impacting communities, one at a time 

Radhika Malhotra, Founder

“I am holding my family ties in London, Mumbai and Berlin, where I am living today with my husband in one of the city’s creative areas. I graduated with a master in design and focused over fifteen years as an entrepreneur on private projects as well as commercial and business consultancy in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Through my cosmopolitanism, my empathy, my own vibrational journey at different places of this world, and my additional training in interior design, Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, psychic and intuitive development, earth alchemy and space clearing, I have been able to build Crony + Lore as an authentic, spiritual and creative brand having the modern urbanist in mind.

Forming the company in 2017 and with customers all around the world, my aim is to inspire and lead a movement within our modern urban setting, where taking back our power and co-creating a supporting environment for all of us becomes the standard.”

Heike & Ronald

Testimonial, Germany

“When we bought our house back in the 80’s, we weren’t aware of its history and to be honest, we were neither aware how much of our own emotional junk can be dumped on a house over four decades, not to mention how much low energy we are exposed to on a daily base. Radhika didn’t initiate a shift, but a complete turnaround and we cannot express how deeply grateful we are.”

Are you ready to regenerate and revitalize your space for success? We got you!

January 2022 

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Right after you complete your booking, you will receive an Email giving you access to your client’s area, together with all details on the next steps we will take together to prepare your session. We are excited!

Payment options

Chose between a 1x and a 4x payment

Chose between making your payment in full at booking, while paying 488 EUR or four monthly payments of 133 EUR excluding VAT. Please note, that VAT applies to EU member states and at their applicable rate only.

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Right after you complete your booking, you will receive an Email giving you access to your client’s area, together with all details on the next steps we will take together to prepare your session. We are excited!

Step into your space

Each person, each space is so individual, and we therefore always aim to find the best and secure way to communicate and work with you through your session and give you the best experience. 

We teamed up with Podia, an all-in-one digital storefront, allowing us to host your session and its entire content in a professional manner. One of the main advantages of using this session’s platform is that your entire session’s information is only accessible by you and Crony + Lore, stored in one place and for as long as you wish. At the same time, we are able to communicate directly with each other on each section of the session, while leaving comments and exchanging files during the entire process of your session. 

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Session’s preparation 

This part is extremely important, as it will allow the base to your entire session. It contains of a questionnaire on you, the people you are living or working with, your space and your intentions. The second part is a tool for you to upload the layout of your house and leave us notes if you find it necessary. 

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Session’s files 

Once you completed the questionnaire and sent us the layout of your space, we will put all information together in one file, upload it and this will then be the base to start your session. 

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In the meantime 

While working with your space, we follow a number of energetic subjects, and we are happy to introduce them to you here. The related file will be uploaded for you once the first two sections are completed. 

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Session’s evaluation

We will hold your session on the day we set and will, within one week, summarise and explain our findings, making all available in your individual file. 

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For on the way

Some energetic shifts are felt immediately, some need time, in any case, it is important for all of us to continue evolving and keep a healthy balance at the same time. Here we share some easy tools for your everyday life, which will make things easier. The related files will be uploaded for you together with your session’s evaluation. 

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Session’s aftercare

Within two months after your session, we will return to your space and review if each finding remains in balance and fine tune, if necessary. Once we completed the aftercare, we will upload you a new file and will send you an Email letting you know. 


Does this session apply to private homes and commercial spaces likewise?

Yes, this is correct. Due to her extensive experience in the business world, it is of great importance to Radhika to support not only private people, but business owners and their project and ventures at the same time.

Please note, that this session applies to studios, apartments, houses, villas and small office or retail spaces. For larger commercial and accommodation buildings, please contact us for an individual quotation.


What is geopathic and technopathic stress?

Geopathic stress describes naturally occurring earth energies and their effect on the well-being of humans and animals. Naturally occurring geopathic stress are for example underground streams or caverns, mineral depots such as iron, coal, oil and geological fault lines, which are fractures in Earth’s crust, pushing or pulling, causing rocks to slide up, down or past each other. Man-made structures causing geopathic stress are for example bridges, tunnels, mines, embankments, railways but also buried gas, electricity or water mains.

Technopathic stress is a by-product of our technological age in which we are exposed to radiation and electro-magnetic fields from our increased usage of pulsed radio-frequency fields, such as mobile phones and masts, smart meters, WI-FI networks and power-frequency fields, such as transformers, power lines or other electrical items.

Geo- and technopathic stress are no new phenomenon and scientific studies suggest that a prolonged exposure to both can affect the immune system and cause serious health problems.

What are chakras?

The word Chakra is Sanskrit and translates to wheel and refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main energetic centres, seven chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of spine through to the crown of your head. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. 

Healthy chakras are an essential part of mind, body and spirit living in alignment. Since everything is moving, it is essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blocked chakra, energy cannot flow and at the same time, the other chakras go into overdrive to compensate. Leaving our chakras in imbalance over a longer period, will let us ultimately feel the negative effects.

Chakras are ultimately driven by our own energies; and since our home, office or commercial space is an extension of our self, they are also accurately represented within our space, we and the space being in constant interaction. And just like in our bodies, it is important for the chakras in our homes or workspaces to stay healthy, open and in balance.

What other energetic occurrences are reviewed?

In addition to working with the chakras of the place, geopathic and technopathic stress, we are reviewing possible effects created by detrimental or inappropriate attachments within our auric field or at our chakra points; energetic links to or from other people as psychic cords; traumatic experiences possibly causing our soul to be fractured, leaving us with the feeling of incompleteness and disconnection; emotional energy areas or energetic “patches” caused by human conflict; areas of conflict or trauma which we call place memory.

Are you doing ghosts?

Yes. We believe, everything is energy, and we are all on a journey here. We therefore believe also, that the energy of a person who has passed away may not continue its journey, but may stay here for different reasons. We call them spirits.

Do I have to be a spiritual person to do the session?

It is not relevant if you are following certain religions, life concepts, are spiritual. Relevant for us is that you are open-minded, curious, maybe a little brave, that you are willing to explore alternative options, make a change, create a shift.

What if there is no architectural layout of my space?

By experience, we know that architectural layouts of premises are often not available, and this is nothing to worry about. We will send you different variations and examples of hand drawn layouts, which you can easily prepare for us on A4 paper and which will be fully sufficient to start the session.

What are the criteria under which the space layout is surveyed?

Your space layout is undergoing a survey of approximately forty individual points, from different energy forms, to geopathic and technopathic stress, chakras, emotional areas and place memories. The survey will show in which extend the space itself is affected and at the same time, in which extend the individual living or working in the space is affected.

Do I need to buy anything special to do this session?

You do not need to buy anything special for the session, and we send you your electronic workbook which you can also print and use to make notes after the session.

Does it matter who is living or working with me, in fact with whom I am sharing my space?

Independent if we are working on your private or commercial space, anybody sharing that space with you, is contributing to that space, physically, mentally, emotionally, is contributing energetically. We therefore will ask you to let us know who is sharing the space with you, in order to tune into the individual energy and also make communication in the workbook and follow-up call easier.

I would book the session’s date, but what about the time?

In first instance, it is relevant to pick the right date, ensuring that all members of the house or work place are present on that specific day. Once booked, and under consideration of different time zones, we will then work out together at which time the session can and will be held. Nevertheless, it will not require you to do anything during the remote session, you will just have to be present.

How much time is there to invest after the remote session?

It is our aim to create with you a balanced space, from which you can grow and develop on your own terms and in your own pace. It will always be up to you how much time you can and want to invest, while we always emphasis that it is not about measuring time, but about measuring the quality you invest.

How does the aftercare work?

Over the period of two months, we will review your space remotely, to ensure that the space holds the beneficial state we created during your session. If there is the necessity of rebalancing, we will of course do so, fully free of charge and will let you know in addition. By our experience, it takes a few weeks for energetic shifts to fully kick in and we are therefore happy to support you throughout the two months after your session.

What are the payment options?

We are happy to offer you two payment options. One time payment: Make your payment in full at booking and pay 390 EUR including 16% VAT (53,79 EUR). Three times payment: Make three monthly payments of 140 EUR each, including 16% VAT (19,31 EUR).

What about the VAT?

VAT applies only to European Union member states and at their applicable rate, any other country is not charged VAT. For example, if you are booking from Canada, no VAT applies. If you are booking from Belgium, the total price would be 360 EUR plus 21% VAT. 

EU companies holding a valid VAT number, are tax-exempt. Once booked and after the validation of the submitted VATIN, the company will refund the VAT.

Do you offer social service?

Yes, we do offer social services, while we mainly focus on the elderly and children, meaning hospice and orphanages. Nevertheless, if you know a facility that requires support, please do not hesitate to let us know via our dedicated Email address social@cronylore.com

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