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Weekly posts, meditations and breathwork by and with Radhika Malhotra, covering all things personal and environmental care, as well as energy and spirituality.

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Push + Pull

Why it is important to become more sensible and trust yourself at the same time.

We all have been there, feeling disgusted by a person, a place making us highly uncomfortable, the feeling of being chosen and welcomed entering a place, being highly attracted to somebody. Everything is energy, a vibration and while it is important to be… 

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How to find ways to freely explore on so many levels.

I am not religious, never was and therefore, I was always reluctant when it came to prayer hands, as there was no god, no deity, I was communing with. It was only much later, on my personal journey, during meditation, that I found myself joining hands. And it just felt right. I was still not communing with any …

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Why a pair of socks remind me of honouring the ones who do not walk this earth anymore.

The slightly itchy pullover grandmother knitted, and you wore for your school pictures? The icy days’ bonnet you lost more than once, the at home socks in all colours that were always a little too big? I still wear my socks and I think about my grandmother…

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Soul Retrieval

Changing perspective on the trauma we carry and cause

A few years back I was in London for a lecture on soul retrieval. It is believed that when we experience trauma, a part of our vital essence separates from us in order to survive this traumatic experience, leaving us with a feeling of incompleteness and disconnection…

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Emotional Areas

Why it is so important that we become conscious on emotional areas we live in

Emotional areas are something we all have experienced in one way or the other, and it is based on the understanding that whoever we are, wherever we go, whatever we do, we always leave an energetic imprint of ourselves behind…


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Om or Aum

Clearing the myths of meditation and allowing a more easy perspective.

Wherever we look, whatever we read or hear, we are suggested to meditate. Less stress, anxiety, aggression, better focus, mood, self-compassion, mindfulness and other benefits. Still, many of us hesitate or don’t stick to it because of various reasons…


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Facing Challenges

How an unalterable foundation changes everything.

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new venture or project, a relationship, friendship or parenthood, taking a loan or making an investment, going on an educational or travelling journey – In the moment of contentedness and clarity…


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Ground Me

Our free grounding visualisation meditation to help you reconnect with your foundation, the feeling of safety and support for growth.

I am happy you are here for this grounding visualisation meditation. Before we start, let me remind you that we are all individuals and that anything you create, visualize, imagine and see in your mind’s eye has its own power, its own eligibility, and we should not judge it, don’t regulate it at any time.

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Trusting Myself

Our free trusting myself visualisation meditation, a special journey on reconnection and finding the strength and trust to take the leap.

In your mind’s eye, visualize, create, see yourself standing on the top of a hill, looking down into a valley. With the sun above you, you feel the warmth on your head, in your neck and on your shoulders, travelling down your spine.

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