Why it is important to become more sensible and trust yourself at the same time.

We all have been there, feeling disgusted by a person, a place making us highly uncomfortable, the feeling of being chosen and welcomed entering a place, being highly attracted to somebody.

Everything is energy, a vibration and while it is important to be aware that we all influence this vibration at all times and places, we need to give trust in our energetic, our vibrational response to people and places.



All the spiritual world is talking about the “hell yes” and while I fully believe it has its eligibility when it comes to grander choices and decisions in life, I believe we need to trust in something more suitable for everyday use.

Sitting next to a person in the underground, entering a coffee shop, taking on a new client, walking the dog along the embankment – Slower your pace, if you can, pause for a moment and ask yourself – This person, this place, is it a push or is it a pull? Pay attention what comes to your mind, pay attention how your body reacts. Continue to do it, and you will find yourself becoming more sensible and most importantly, trusting yourself in simply knowing what is nurturing and what is draining you.

, Push or pull?

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