Why a pair of socks remind me of honouring the ones who do not walk this earth anymore.

The slightly itchy pullover grandmother knitted, and you wore for your school pictures? The icy days’ bonnet you lost more than once, the at home socks in all colours that were always a little too big? I still wear my socks and I think about my grandmother. ⁠

Until a certain age, ancestors didn’t seem to be more than a photograph to me, and it was only much later, especially during my personal development journey, that my ancestors stepped forward and became more and more important to me. I learned to appreciate their wisdom and even they might not walk this earth any more, they still make my life seem larger and richer.⁠

We all have many ways to honour and special items that remind us of our ancestors. For some there are socks, what is it for you?⁠

, Ancestors

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