“Radhika didn’t initiate a shift, but a complete turnaround and we cannot express how deeply grateful we are.”

Testimonial, Heike & Ronald, Germany


The founder

“With Crony & Lore I am creating high vibrational living and working spaces for you to step into your full potential and evolve on your own terms.” Radhika Malhotra

Radhika is born in London and is holding her family ties in London, Mumbai and Berlin, where she is living today. She graduated with a master in design and focused over fifteen years as an entrepreneur on private projects as well as commercial and business consultancy in Europe, Africa and Asia.  At the same time, she underwent additional training in interior design, Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture, psychic and intuitive development, earth alchemy and space clearing.

Crony & Lore is making Radhika’s extensive artistic, business, commercial and spiritual education and worldwide experience accessible to a multitude of people and in a variety of service and product offers.

“Crony & Lore is my contemporary and holistic support for you to fully embrace a balanced, intuitive and intentional living and working. Standing in your truth, means abundance, means truly touching and empowering others.”

The brand and movement

Our vision is that the belief in and the love for people demands a community creating spaces that empower, accessing intuition that liberates. A self-determined, flowing quality of life, interweaving harmoniously with others.

At Crony & Lore we believe that all is energy, a vibration, and we all influence and respond to vibration at all times and places. To support you and your business in its potential, we trace the cause of vibrational imbalances, so called geopathic and technopathic stress, within living and work environments.

With personalized remote and exclusive one-on-one sessions, we recreate independency, a vibrational state that is intentional and sets your desires in motion. In addition, we provide tools for you to regain clarity and power by reactivating your intuition and evolving on your own terms.

Crony & Lore is certainly a brand, but moreover, it is a movement for us. With supporting you in standing in your truth and understanding your living and working space as an extension of yourself, you are not only able to empower others, but to connect to your entire environment on a much more respectful and deeper level.

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